Well 2007 in my opinion, was like everything else, a lesson in the circle of life. Since I blog so often, let me catch everyone up.

My niece, Anika Marie White, was born on March 23, 2007. She is very adorable and a joy to be around. She is almost ten months old now but has the height and weight of a fourteen month old. She is extremely smart. Did I already mention that she is adorable? She’s adorable.

My 29 year old brother died on August 16, 2007. That sucked. It still sucks, and according to all I’ve talked to, will ALWAYS suck.

Bryan and I never saw eye to eye. We grew up at opposite ends of the spectrum. Me geeky and unpopular, him a jock and very popular. Needless to say we didn’t get along. All of the sudden we were adults and had no clue how to talk to each other. When we did talk it was awkward. I talk to him more now that he is dead than I ever did when he was alive. Unfortunately, telling youth to be grateful for their siblings is somewhat futile because almost every human being has to go through the “take it for granted” stage. I never understood the phrase “youth is wasted on the young” until my brother died. Sometimes being human just sucks.

It’s 2008 today and I for one am thinking about the year ahead. Resolutions are usually given up on by at least mid-February, so I’ve never put much stock into making them. However, I’ve been thinking – yes on purpose, on a holiday – that changes are no bad thing. I don’t want to call them resolutions, that word is daunting, but wishes for the new year.

The list is rather long, so if you’re bored go read something else.


I wish…

  • That I get my house of five years finally unpacked and organized into something I can be proud of so that Joe and I can finally make it our own.
  • That I lose sixty pounds.
  • That I learn enough about diabetes to get off my glucophage.
  • That I become more healthy overall.
  • That I get a meaningful part time job that I enjoy that will ease our finances and help get us out of debt sooner.
  • That everyone I know and love makes it to the year 2009 happy and healthy.
  • That I have a ritual for every Sabbat.
  • That I blog more often – it’s good for me.


I will probably add others as the weeks go by. I am going to post this list where I can see it every day. I hope to blog about things I accomplish from the list. To all who are making changes, whether they be resolutions or wishes, may you be blessed in all you do. Blessed be.