Well I seem to have this habit of posting at least once every year or so. To continue the trend..

Wed., Nov 1, is my birthday and my mother-in-law sent me this book yesterday called “The Good Good Pig,” by Sy Montgomery. For those of you who know me, I am a pig collector. I have stuffed pigs, ceramic pigs, homeade pigs, you get the idea. This book was right up my alley.

The book is about a 750 pound pig who gets adopted by a naturalist and her husband. It is a wonderful book. It even has pictures! He is a really cute pig! I am in the middle of reading it, yes again, and it still makes me laugh. This pig, his name is Christopher Hogwood, started out a runt. You heard me a runt. There is a picture of him sitting by a cat. The cat is bigger than Christopher.

This book is not just about Chris, but about blessings that can come in any shape or size. Blessings however bizarre the packaging, come at the least unexpected times in your life. Those unexpected times can come marked in a box with your name on it. This book was a blessing to me. Thanks Mom.