Today work was filled with inconsistencies.  I am not to leave my register under any circumstances.  I am always supposed to call someone else to find items for a customer, look up something online or carry things out to the car.  I have gotten in trouble for leaving my register.  So I called for someone (who happened to be the manager) to look something up for a customer online.  The manager told me to do it myself.  This is the same manager who reprimanded me for leaving my register.  Whatever.  So I go look the item up, and lo and behold, I get in trouble for leaving my register by the very same manager.  Sigh….

So then I get told today that I have ten days to finish my online training.  I have only done three modules out of twenty-three.  The last six take four to five hours each to complete.  I am scheduled to work 40 hours this week, so I cannot come in before my shift or stay after my shift to complete the modules because they refuse to pay overtime.  So when is this training supposed to get done?  Ummm…. never?  Goodness.


Subject change -

So my therapist told me to make a time budget, kinda of like a money budget, but with time.  Ugh.  That’s all I’ve got to say about that.  I would have to budget an hour each day to make the time budget for the following day.  The problem with time budgets is that everything takes longer than its supposed to.  Take errands for example.  You budget two hours for them and they end up taking four.  Whaty exactly do you do then?  I better try it though because I cannot fit everything into one day.  I haven’t been to the gym in two months!  That is really, really bad.  I am supposed to work to live not live to work.  Although lately the only thing that gets done is work.  Pathetic isn’t it?  Therefore since things need to be done other than work, I will try this budget thing and give it a go for at least three months.  The first month is probably going to suck.  So here goes…