I have a cell phone from Cingular wireless. Their relentless commercials say they have the most overall coverage and the least dropped calls.  They are “raising the bar.”

Well not in Omaha, they’re not.

I cannot get through a 15 minute call in the Omaha metro area without the call being dropped at least once.  Sometimes it gets dropped two or three times.  The call will even be dropped when I have all of my bars showing.  Now supposedly the more bars you have, the better signal you have.  Whatever!

I moved my best friend Alison, to Evansville Indiana – which is in the middle of nowhere – and I got better reception there! I call customer service repeatedly and they tell me that they haven’t made the transition in all areas.  Sigh.  The reps at the Cingular store try to sell me a new picture phone with – wait there’s more – unlimited text messaging!  Good grief!

I just want to get through a call without it being dropped.  I guess I’ll have to move to Evansville.