June 30 – the one year anniversary of my blog.  Not many entries, but it’s my blog.  I really should try to blog more often but…

Anyway, today my husband wrecked the car.  Got a ticket and everything.  Everyone was alright, but the car may be beyond help.

A picture of Jennie’s day:

I got up at 6am to be at work (I now work in a nice little sandwhich shop) by 8am.  Now at this sandwhich shop, everything is rolled on flour tortillas.  Today we had 95 box lunches, 8 party platters and 200 cookies to get out by 11:15.  Each party platter has five sandwiches on it so that is 140 sandwiches total.  Those were the ones that were preordered.

The actual store opens at 10am.  So between 8am and noon I made 150 sandwiches with the very same hands that are writing this sentence.  Other people were also making sandwiches so that is a lot of damn sandwiches!

Anyway, the store cuts all its own meat, cheese and veggies (carrots, cucumbers, onions, tomatos, green peppers, scallions, and mushrooms).  So with all that sandwich making there was quite a bit of replenishing to do.  I thought that my boss would keep me there until said replinishing was done, but she let me go at noon.

I thought that having lunch with my husband would be a nice thing to do, so I called him and agreed to go pick him up.  (Side note: our other car, MY car is in the shop waiting for a new starter and key tumbler)

I pick him up and we agree to go get Wendy’s and go to a park.  Since we only have one car, I thought that we should choose a park close to our house so that he could take the car to work afterwards and not have to bum a ride home.  The Wendy’s by our house is on a fairly busy street because of the I-80 on and off ramps and is always full of semis going to and from the factories.  You DO NOT turn left during busy times. 

However we want to go left, so Joe gets in the left turn lane exit at Wendy’s.  We have this conversation that we were going to be there all day.  Joe says no, not all day, just until three or so.  I told him that at 3pm it’s pretty hideous as well, but… A semi pulls just past the exit driveway.  The SUV behind the semi does not block the driveway to presumably let us out.  But we cannot see because we are in a Saturn and everybody else is either in a big ass truck, a semi or an evironmentally egregious breadbox (SUVs).  Joe decides he’s all clear because the SUV doesn’t block the driveway.  Out we pull, slammda into minivan.  Now minivan is blocking one lane of traffic and we, facing the wrong way, are blocking the other.  We get our car to the driveway by the Wendy’s.  The minivan is now in the middle lane used for left turns.  I am well, I fell completely apart.  This was all I needed in the face of all the other things I had going on.  The driver of the minivan comes over to see the damage to our car, bumper off, headlight smashed, hood dented, and that is just what I could see.  I am very stereotypically blonde when it comes to car innards so if something is wrong with those I wouldn’t know. 

So needless to say cops, tow trucks, insurance claims, the whole nine yards.  O.K. Just to put icing on the cake, as the driver of the minivan was crossing the street to go get his insurance info, he gets hit by another minivan.  THANK all the powers that be that he just got his foot scraped up.  The paramedics were called anyway, but he was fine.  He is going to the doctor later just to be sure, but he said he was fine.  Then three tow trucks arrive.  We only needed two, so I don’t know why they sent a third one.  During all of this we call our friend Sam, who happens to work with Joe, to come and get us.  He shows up and I cry all over Sam.  Now at Joe and Sam’s work they program in pairs, they cannot write code unless they are in pairs.  Well now Sam and Joe are both out of the office and they were paired up today, so now what they were working on is on hold.  Joe finds out from our insurance company that we have rental car coverage and that Enterprise will deliver a car to us, hence, we do not need a ride from Sam.  Sam knows that I am in need of support but wanting to be productive at work, calls his wife Erica and says that I need company.  So Erica comes and I cry all over her.  After tow trucks and ticket Joe goes back to work with Sam, (details about rental car to be worked out later) and I went with Erica.

Erica and I wait at the scene with the wife and children of the minivan driver until they were picked up.  The minivan driver went and got their other car.  Not wanting to be alone I ask Erica to stay with me.  We went to lunch, bought chocolate, and went shopping. GOOD therapy.

While at the resturante, I am venting about what an idiot my husband is.  Erica, being the voice of reason, says, “Jennie, you can look at this one of two ways.  You can either be pissed and say my husband is an idiot OR you can say we are very lucky no one got hurt.  The mother was very down to earth and handled the whole situation beautifully.  She could have freaked out or have been a total dick about things but she wasn’t – and that – is a blessing.”

Thank the powers that be for voices of reason.

I felt a WHOLE lot better.  It is now 7pm.  Time for mindless TV and curling up with my husband.