I hate working with stupid people.  My boss is a complete moron.  Today a customer complained that there were loogies on the floor of the steam room.  My boss looked straight at her and said, “What are loogies and what are they doing in the steam room?”  I had to bite my tounge until it bled to keep from laughing my head off.  I was waiting for her to ask me me if the loogies had shown a picture ID to get into the club (more on this later).  The customer needless to say, was awestruck.  She asked my boss if she was serious.  My boss proceded to brush her off and be rude to the next forty people who came in.  Now since I know what loogies are AND that the customers supply my paycheck I decided NOT to brush this woman off.  I proceeded to tell her that I would have the matter fixed immediately.  I picked up the phone and dialed my boss’s boss.  I let the customer talk to him.  Big Boss was not happy.  He shows up and made my boss clean and disenfect the steam room.  The funny part was when my boss actually tried to tell him that she really had no clue what a loogie was and that the customer in question was upset about the ID policy.  I had to leave the building.  I could not help myself.  I laughed until I cried.  The ID policy is that before you can enter the gym you have to show a valid picture ID.  I have to ask people I know and have known for years for their picture ID.  Not only is this absurd, but it is bad customer service.  My boss has a 16 year old son, she asked HIM, her own son,  for his ID yesterday and I about fell over.  This woman needs some serious help, maybe I’ll suggest the loogies in the steam room….