I work in a gym at the front desk.  You know answering phones and making sure people don’t steal the treadmills.  Lately I have added a new hat to my resume, dust seargent.  I am literally supposed to go around and look for any signs of dust.  I am 5’9” and if I stretch my arm out to it’s full length and stand on my tip toes I can reach the windowsills where the evil dust doth layeth.  I had to give a full written report about the dusty situation to my boss.  No one is ever going to see this dust, but the inspectors from coporate marked  us down for our gym being, and I quote, “filthy; establishing a healthy exercise environment should be your number one priority.”  Forgive me but I did not know that the dust on the windowsill was the cause of my not recieving the full healthy gym experience.  I was chalking that up to dying every time I got on the stair master.  Pretty soon I am going to have stand in the entryway with a garden hose and a bull horn - excuse me but you have excceded the daily dust allowance of this gym be prepared to be hosed down.